Scientific activity of lectures

Main directions of scientific researches: psychology of subcultures, communities, gender psychology, psychology of mobility, psychology of the family, violence in family and educational environment, cross-cultural psychology, migration  psychology, business psychology and management, psychology of personality safety, preventive psychology, psychology of influence, psychological  features of  law-making, forensic psychological expertice, psychological counseling in legal practice, victimology, criminal psychology, penitentiary psychology, mediopsychology, axiopsychological problems of  personality, problems of historical and cultural psychology, ecological psychology, Christian-oriented, spiritual psychology of personality, psychology of autistic child, problems of existential counseling,

psychology of professionalism of personality.

At the department there is a research laboratory of informational and psychological

security.  The aim  of the laboratory is conducting  of socio-psychological scientific researches with the involvement of students and postgraduate students of philosophy faculty

Laboratory  tasks:

1.Organization and carring out of socio-psychological studies of state of psychosocial and informational environment of human life on such directions: modern mechanisms and instruments of influence of people on each other,

their adequacy to the goals of personal  and social development; influence of psychosocial and information processes (phenomena) on  health and conditions of  society;  the influence of individual mass media (MMC) on intellectual, emotional and psychophysical state of citizens; social, group and interpersonal phenomena that negatively affect on behavior and mental health of a person; principles and methods of prevention of psycho-informational violence and harm; psycho-informational  protection; development of psycho-informational culture.

2. Informing and educating of  the public, representatives of mass media information, state bodies and political movements about  the state of socio-psychological ecology and the consequences of its unregulated exploitation.

3. Counseling of public, state and commercial organizations, political movements and parties, individual citizens on issues of psycho-informational security and constructive interaction in socio-cultural  spacious.

4.Prevention of psycho-informational violence and  educating  of citizens of  psycho-informational culture and  protection .

5.Counseling and rehabilitation of persons who have suffered from dangerous psychological and informational actions, from group or interpersonal psychological manipulations and violence. “