At the PNU, the GeSt project is implemented during trainings for employees in various fields of activity

Teachers of the Faculty of Psychology of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University provide trainings to improve professional qualification of employees in various fields of activity. For example, a series of trainings was conducted for employees of penitentiary institutions (October 2020), frontline police officers (April – May 2021), as well as teachers (throughout the year) and teachers of medical educational institutions (April 2021). The range of issues discussed at the trainings is compliant with the challenges employees face in these fields of activity. In addition to the development of immediate professional competencies and soft skills, the trainings also considered the issues of gender aspects of professional activity. In particular, police officers were trained to effectively communicate with victims of domestic violence (often women) and children who witnessed violence. Other issues discussed included: difficulties and dangers that women working in penitentiary institutions may encounter; re-socialization of women serving sentences; techniques for preventing and coping with work-related stress and occupational burnout, including techniques for balancing family life and career that are relevant to both women and men. The acquired knowledge and skills will help participants to do their work more effectively, to build a more successful career with due regard to gender dimension.