Master’s degree in Psychology
Obligatory package
Type of diploma and volume of MA program Master’s diploma, 90 ECTS credits for 1year and 4 months
Higher Educational Institution SHEI «Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University» Faculty of Philosophy, Social Psychology Department
Аccreditation institution National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education
Accreditation period Program introduced in 2016
Рrogram level QF­EHEA – second cycle, ЕQF­LLL – level 7 , NFQ – level 8

Objectives of the educational program, training of highly skilled specialists in Psychology, who master fundamental knowledge in Psychology, methodology  of scientific researches in Psychology, methods of  psychology teaching, regularities of psychic processes and phenomena functioning, that will allow to solve psychological problems of an individual and group; advisory support in performance of novel scientific researches, that are directed towards acquisition of new scientific knowledge based on gender approaches.

С Components of professional competences



Ability to solve complex tasks and problems while studying process and professional life in the field of psychology by conducting research and/or innovative activities, which are characterized by uncertainty of conditions and requirements.
General competences


1.   Ability to apply knowledge in practical situations.

2.   Ability to undertake research at an appropriate level.

3.   Ability to generate new ideas (creativity).

4.   Ability to identify and resolve problems.

5.   Evaluate and respect diversity and multiculturality.

6.   Ability to act on the basis of ethical reasoning.

7.   Ability to act with social responsibility and civic awareness.

8.   Ability to design and manage projects.

9.   Ability to motivate people and move toward common goals.

Ability to communicate in a foreign language.


Subject-specific (professional) competences



1.  To conduct theoretical, methodological and empirical analysis of up-to-date topics in psychological science and/or practice.

2.  To plan, organize and carry-out psychological research with elements of scientific and/or practical significance.

3.  To select and apply valid and reliable methods of scientific research and/or evidence-based methodology and practical techniques.

4.  To perform practical activities (i.e. behavioral therapy (counselling), psychodiagnostic, preventive-awareness work) using scientific verified methods and techniques.

5.  To organize and carry-out dissemination and educational activities in psychology for various categories of population.

6.  To build-up and support relations with professional communities; effectively interact with colleagues in mono- and multidisciplinary teams.

7.  To make professional decision in complex and unpredictable cases, adapt quickly to new conditions occurred in professional activity.

8.  To estimate own professional competence and increase professional level (qualification).

9.  To keep in line with code of conduct and common human values.

To analyze and implement results of scientific and applied research into practice.

1.     Cycle of general training
1.1.         Obligatory disciplines ECТS


01 Methodology and scientific research establishment 3 1
02 Historical and cultural psychology 3 2
03 Modern information  technologies 3 3
04 Foreign language (for professional purposes) 3 3
1.2.         Selective disciplines
1.2.1.      Disciplines at the option of HEI
05 Pedagogics of higher school and pedagogical excellence of lecturer 3 1
06 Higher school Psychology 3 1
2.     Cycle of professional training
2.1.         Obligatory disciplines
2.1.1.      Theoretical practice
07 Psychology of religion 3 1
08 Methodological and theoretical problems of psychology 3 1
09 Psychology of business 3 1
10 Political psychology 3 1
11 Psychology of coaching 3 2
12 Course work/Thesis 3 1
2.1.2.      Practical training
13 Scientific-pedagogicalpractice 6 2
14 Scientific-research practice 6 3
15 Attestation 3 3
16 Master thesis preparation 15 1,2,3
2.2. Selective disciplines
2.2.1. Disciplines at the option of HEI
17 Group psychotherapy 3 3
18 Psychology of migration 3 3
2.2.2. Disciplines at the free option of the student(4)
19 Psychological emergency aid 6 3
20 Therapy of creative self -expression for depressive individuals 3 3
21 Psychological safety of personality 3 3
22 Individual family counseling techniques 6 3
23 Gender Psychology 3 1
24 Theory of Gender 3 2
25 Gender and Career 3 2
26 Fundamentals of Addictology 3 1
27 Work of a psychologistin geriatric institutions 3 2
28 Psychology of personal and behavioral destructions 3 2